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At Tutor Associates, we believe that learning is an essential life skill. As a group of devoted learners, we provide long-term career opportunities for those who wish to teach outside of the classroom. Our goal is to equip our students to succeed academically and become active learners for life; we are looking for tutors who want to nurture positive relationships based on trust, empathy and mutual respect.

We seek compassionate, self-reflective, flexible tutors who wish to inspire their students through one-on-one, in-home tutoring sessions.

Whether you are looking for a career in education or are an artist with a passion for learning, we look forward to hearing from you.

We need tutors skilled in:

  • Calculus AB / BC, Pre-Calculus, Algebra I & II, Geometry
  • English, US / World / European History
  • Chemistry, Biology, Physics
  • French, Spanish, Latin

All applicants should have a completed Bachelor's Degree. Please complete and submit the form below. Be sure to attach a resume file. If we think you are a good fit we will reach out to you to further discuss your qualifications.

Your Information:

You must have received your bachelor's degree already to be considered

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A Few Questions

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Tutor Archetype Quiz

THERE ARE NO WRONG ANSWERS! All of the answer choices are valid depending on the specific situation. This is to assess what type of tutor you are, not how good a tutor you are. Please answer honestly so we can accurately place you with appropriate types of students.

1. How do you (would you) create a good rapport with a new student?

Talk about why she struggles with or doesn't like the subject
Discuss sports, music, TV shows or movies
Empathize with her and say that you are here to help
Jump right in and get to work

2. How do you (would you) motivate your students to work hard?

Say, "I'm on your side in this thing. Don't worry about it," then get her parents off her back so she can relax
Explain that she has to do well on these things to get what she wants in life, then create a system of rewards if necessary
Students do best when they are intrinsically motivated so you try to let that shine through
Explain how great it is to know all these interesting things

3. What do you do (would you do) when your student doesn't do her homework?

Mention it in your Weekly Report or say, "Next time you don't do your homework I'm going to have to tell your parents."
Joke about how you didn't always do your homework either...but looking back you really wish you had worked harder
Not push her too hard because she is already pretty stressed out, so just ask her to try to get it done for the next session.
Do the homework with her in the session so that at least she learns it

4. What do you do (would you do) first when your student does poorly on a test?

Determine all the things she did wrong and create a plan to address those weaknesses
Make sure she is not upset about her results and build her confidence if necessary
Review the test with her and make sure she knows how to get the correct answers

5. What would your reaction be if a student or her parents invited you to see her in a play or playing in a tennis tournament?

Say, "Thank you, but I am really busy."
Make time in your schedule to go
Go if the event is interesting and you are close with the family

6. How do you (would you) convince a student to use your strategies?

Establish that you are an expert who is in possession of rare, specialized knowledge
Let the student fail a few times using her own strategies, then show her a better way
Keep showing her the strategy until it sinks in -- repetition is key

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Does everything look good?

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