We begin each program with a consultation to assess the student's learning style, determine which tutor will connect best with the student, and set goals for the program. Please use the enroll form after meeting with one of our directors. To arrange this meeting, contact a director at 1.646.638.3504 or director@tutorassociates.com

Enrollment Form

If during summer, enter rising grade


Payment Authorization
  • TA sessions are always one-on-one, either in your home or online via the TA portal.
  • TA tutors are responsible for scheduling all sessions in collaboration with parents and students.
  • TA tutors will send weekly Program Reports (read by Program Directors) to the email address for Parent #1.
  • TA will email invoices every two weeks to the email address for Parent #1 and charge the provided bank account or credit card.
  • TA bills in 15-minute increments in order to ensure flexibility of programs and sessions.
  • TA has a cancellation rate of 0.5 hours for sessions canceled or rescheduled less than 8 hours before a confirmed session.
Credit Card E-Check
CVV2, CVC2, or CID
I acknowledge the conditions above and authorize Tutor Associates to charge this card for services rendered in accordance with periodic invoices to be sent to the address above.

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